About Suflek

Suflek is a personalized and customized online math tutoring service. We provide an excellent quality LIVE online math help to students at a very affordable price. Our goal is to help learners overcome their math anxiety and help them build up self-confidence in mathematics by providing them personalized and customized support when they really need it. Your investment of $49/month will be one of the best investments that you will ever make for your child.

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Our main purpose

Generally students work on math problems after school at home. However when they try to work on the math problems on their own, many times they struggle and give up because there is no one to help them when they really need it. Suflek comes into rescue by providing timely help at those critical times when students really struggle and are about to give up. Through providing timely math help at those critical points of struggles and frustrations, we help students build up their self-confidence and help them continue with their educational journey.

Our Teachers

Our teachers have 20+ years of full-time teaching experience in mathematics. They have the experience of helping and guiding students through their educational journey. Our experienced teachers know about the challenges and difficulties that students face in learning mathematics, and know how to help them navigate through mathematics learning journey.

Suflek teachers not only guide students to solve their math problems, but also stimulte their critical thinking and create love for learning mathematics. Our teachers provide real world examples to help students appreciate mathematics and help them see how math can solve meaningful real world problems that impact their lives.